Just imagine your child’s reaction when a fantastic, brightly coloured double decker bus, drives up your road and parks right in front of your house. We bring the party and all of the fun to your very front door! Our mobile fun palace is fully decorated with a fun and crazy design which makes a real talking point wherever we park.

Double decker of fun!

The play bus is fitted out with soft play, creating a fantastic adventure playground. There is a wide selection of equipment available so everyone can have fun and use up all of that energy in the process. On board we have:

  • Our wonderfully whizzy super slide runs from the top deck of the bus to the bottom deck
  • A talking tube system for kids to pass on secret messages between upper and lower deck.
  • Can you find our crawl tunnel hidden somewhere on the lower deck?
  • Spinning poles are a brilliant way to have a twirl
  • Wallow in the ball pools which have more than 3500 balls between them
  • Eating and disco area

Top deck

The top deck of the bus is roomy and bright with a brilliant dancefloor - Children love the rather ridiculous idea of having a boogie with the flashing disco lights.

For parties we use the top deck for dancing, games and party food but it can be adapted for a variety of purposes to create an educational or collaborative environment for children’s stories or other learning purposes.

We know that for some children parties can be a bit energetic and rambunctious, so we also provide a chilled area, where there is space for quiet time or a rest.

Light fantastic!

Children love disco lights and we have them throughout the bus – adding to the fun and helping to create that perfect party atmosphere.


Safety is a key concern in all of the events that we run. Children get very excited when they are having fun and like to bounce around! We have designed our soft play bus to the same high safety standards as all soft play areas and we are equipped with first aid kits and fire extinguishers throughout. All of the inside of the bus is fully padded for safety and is fully enclosed making this a great fun safe place to play.

Who can come on the bus?

The soft play party bus is suitable for children aged from 3 to 10 years. Younger children are welcome only under the supervision of an accompanying adult.

Finding the perfect spot for the soft play party bus

The M88 party bus is a standard sized double decker bus and is approximately 9 feet wide, 32ft long and 14.10ft high and weighs around 11 tonnes. It takes up around 4/5 parking spaces so we can park the bus at the kerb or on your drive if space permits and we can’t park where there is lots of vegetation or low hanging trees.  Once you have booked your party, you may want to speak to your neighbours to let them know we are coming. Please ensure there is easy access and enough clearway for the bus to operate.

If you have any questions about space or want to know if you have the room available - call us and we will come out and take a look and let you know if it will work. 

Power and toilets

The M88 party bus runs on electricity for lighting and heating so we need access to a power point. 

We do not have a toilet on the soft play party bus so there needs to be one available close at hand.

Booking the soft play party bus

Contact us today on 07725 809696 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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